Triple Boxcars is a boutique, limited production, Napa Valley winery, founded in 2012. We source small batches of grapes from outstanding vineyards to craft bold Cabernets and creative blends. Triple Boxcars is owned and operated by our founders, Stafford Lee and Greg Yap, who have been friends for over 25 years. Our only goal when we started out was to learn to make wines we love to drink, and after several years honing our style, we decided to share our wines with others as well.

Triple Boxcars stands for creativity, persistence and good fortune. The name comes from a lucky night at a craps table with friends, when Stafford hit a hot streak that included rolling 12 (known as boxcars in craps) three times in a row. Without good fortune, there would be no story – the odds of rolling boxcars three times in a row is over 46,000 to 1. But the creativity to make a modest bet on boxcars and the persistence to compound it are what really made that streak unique, and capturing that lightning in a bottle is we aspire to distill into every vintage we make.